About Heart Chakra & Its Impact

Heart Chakra is located at the center of chest this chakra is middle point of all chakra system with three below and three above. Balancing is the main aspect of this chakra; it is vital healing location where the feelings, hopes and wishes are stored.

With the help of this chakra everyone see world from the feeling of love this chakra is not attached with needs or expectations. Unconditional love is the main part of this chakra which gives calmness and positivity.

Unbalanced Expressions: Over attachment in love and over expectation in personal relationship are the main causes of imbalance. When heart chakra is imbalanced than understanding with our relationship goes down and doubts, intolerance, possessive or obsessive things comes out.

Balanced Chakra: Truly opened or balanced heart chakra is full of unconditional love. Balanced energy on this level lead to people in creation and positive aspect of life and empowers faith/thrust in our self or in the world.


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