About Solar Plexus Chakra & Its Impact

This chakra is located between the base of the rib cage and the navel.Solar Plexus have a sense of power basic concern is to recognize yourself as an individual separate identity as an energy in this world. It gives us the clarity of minds “Yes” means Yes or “No” means No, it clears basically for what you stand here. This is the place of will power and this energy gives us to initiate activity and simultaneously define boundaries.

Courage, Optimism, Self Confidence, Joy and Laughter are the main expression of the Solar Plexus.

Unbalanced Chakra: Negative aspect of this Chakra can be Ulcers, Over acidity, Digestive problem and Hypertension. On emotional level anxiety, insecurity and nervous disorder can occur.

Balanced Chakra: When this chakra is balanced than person feel effective, safe and secure in life. The balanced chakra gives Flexibility, Co-operation rather than competition.

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