Our personal life is really important, but to live life we need so many things which accomplish our desires and our dreams. To achieve all this we need money, means our professional life.

Now we are sharing few vastu tips which will be helpful to enhance your professional growth as well as corrective measures of vastushashtra for any professional area office, shop or industry.

Following are the Vastushashtra tips for the success of your business:


Tip 8: It is advisable to keep guardroom of any official premises or any factory in the North West side.
The north west corner can also be used for car parking.


Tip 7:  It is advisable to have a water fountain in the North-East of the Office premises. Or having an aquarium containing 1 black fish and 9 gold fish in the North-East of the Office is also very good.


Tip 6:  It is advisable to keep accounts department in South-East direction and reception should be in North East direction. It is always good that employee/s face towards the North or East direction.


Tip 5: It is advisable to keep sitting arrangements for Executive Managers and Directors to be in Southwest direction of the Office premises.


Tip 4: It is advisable to keep central place of any premises either office or business, keep it empty or light weighted. Central place should be neat & clean and it should be with full of light and air.


Tip 3: It is advisable to keep owner’s desk rectangle in shape.  And there must always be a solid wall behind the owner’s seat, as they are at a very strong position.

owner seat

Tip 2: Owners seat should be facing East or North.  If there is no other option West is also permissible.

Office 1

Tip 1: Best place for temple in office / at business place:

It is advisable that the temple should not be placed at the back of the owners seat. It should be in front of him or her in East or Northern side.