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Lucky Color: Red Lucky Stone: Garnet / Citrine Lucky Day: Tuesday

A strong zodiac abounds with plenty of positive possibilities. Wealth, love and peace will make way into your life but you will have to do some hard work for all these achievements. You face obstacles throughout the year but don’t worry, these obstacles can be easily resolved through confidence and positive vibes. Majorly two planets are blessing you this year; Saturn and Jupiter, one represents luck and other one demands hard work. Here you have to remember that you can only rely on luck, means persistent efforts will be needed from your side. This year is good for career but at personal matters you may feel little low and sometime you will be more sensitive. March to July period can be little crucial but your ruling planet mars can be helpful during May to November. Overall this year is good for wealth. It is advisable to be alert while driving.

Advice / Remedies : Chanting of Hanuman chalisa is good. Donate sweets or jaggery (Gur) to children or poor people. Usage of red stone or tread is good for increasing your confidence level.


Lucky Color: White  Lucky Stone: White Stone/Pearl/Diamond  Lucky Day: Friday

This year you will feel Love and Positive vibes throughout the year. 2018 is fraught with signs of mental relief. It seems not to be a very lucky year, there will be many challenges indicated in your way. In the starting of 2018, emotional and anger issues can be seen, so it is advisable to keep your temperament and attitude cool and calm for the betterment of relationships. With the help of patience and hard work, career uplift is indicated. For those who are seeking for foreign assignments and settling in abroad can get some lucrative offers, this year is also good to get rid of past debt and you people could make some profitable investments. Since Jupiter; the planet of luck retrogrades during March to July, so you have to be careful in this period professionally.

Advice / Remedies: Praying Goddess Laxmi and recitation of Gayatri Mantra is beneficial. Donate white sweet or white fruit. Any white stone and white color thread will be good.


Lucky Color: Green  Lucky Stone: Green Onyx / Emerald  Lucky Day: Wednesday

This year Gemini people will feel lots of constructive energy coming in, you will feel lots of determination and will power. This year your luck doesn’t seems fully supportive but your hard work and efforts can be helpful to accomplish your goals. It is advisable to keep your approach clear in money matters; since Jupiter is backtracking during March to July. So during this time you may feel double minded and little low. It is advisable to postpone your major decision during this period. From May to November some opponents might raise head and try to harm you so you have to be very careful regarding your health. Throughout the year you will face ups and downs but don’t worry, your efforts will be rewarded with success and if you keep working relentlessly with patience, income and profits will flourish, especially for personal and love life, some bright opportunity are there for you for love life.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Lord Ganesha and recitation of “Om Gan Ganpataye Namah” is good. Offer Laddu to lord Ganesha as prasadam, donate grass or green vegetable to cow. Green stone or thread is good to wear or use.


Lucky Color: White  Lucky Stone: Pearl/Moonstone  Lucky Day: Monday

For Cancer people 2018 will bring a steady pace in life and lot of growth and positivity but confusion can be a major issue throughout the year. This year you will find it difficult to make choices. Decision making is an area that needs constant check, so you can keep your mind clear and focused for your upcoming opportunities. Sometimes you may feel low esteem, so it is advisable to keep up your confidence level and do not let minor challenges throw you down and don’t worry, positive planet will fill you with lots of courage and energy this year, keep your focus on the positive side. Possibility of getting sudden profits and gains, property deals can be beneficial. This year is also good for new connections and networking opportunities but from March to July since Jupiter will be retrograde it could take away support of luck and during this time you might feel confused in career matters and from May to November you can get new business opportunities. Benefit from business partners and spouse is expected too. This year it is advisable for cancer people to listen attentively to your spouse and try to understand. Saturn is also moving backwards so mid of the year your married life could be a bit disturbed but after that relationships will be more pleasant. 2018 horoscope for cancer people suggest mix trends and advise them to keep your temperament cool and calm.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Lord Shiva and recitation of “Om Namah Shivaya” is good. Offer White prasadam to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Combination of White Stone and Rudraksha will be good for you.


Lucky Color: Red  Lucky Stone: Ruby/Garnet  Lucky Day: Sunday

For Leo, sunny energy and positivity will shine bright this year. This year you will not carry the stress and pressure of the past year/s, but you have to remember that anger and ego issues can block your growth. So it is advisable to keep them away. You can face some legal issues but this year your opponent will feel down in front of you. 2018 shows that Leo people should keep some strategic approach, always let your inner lion be awaked. Always remember not to indulge in fights and argument. You will see positive rewards in business, new proposals, deals can be lucrative this year. From March to July since Jupiter is moving backwards this can increase your frequent travels and religious pursuits. Since Rahu is in your house of salvation and expenses, it is showing the possibility of going abroad. But this year you have to be careful about your health, some old disease may revive. Leo people will have financial success in the year 2018, as per chart; it has seen that you are mature and cooperative so tackle things with maturity and patience.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Sun along with offering water to Sun and Aaditya hriday stotra is beneficial. Donate Jaggery (Gur) and Split red lentil (Masoor Dal). Wear Copper ring or bracelet and also drink water in copper glass.


Lucky Color: Green & Cream  Lucky Stone: Onyx / Emerald  Lucky Day: Wednesday

This year will bring drastic changes and experiences for Virgo people. This year is your time to shine out, but it is advisable not to participate in debates and arguments and control your dominating nature. Since Jupiter will be moving backwards from March to July so during this time avoid lending money and do not take any major financial decision. From April to September Saturn will also be moving backwards so property related issues can be delayed. On the whole for Virgo’s there will be lots of moments of fame and success this year. Always remember that blind faith could backfire; always believe in hard work as this will lead you to the desired goal. Overall 2018 shows a positive trade for virgo people. This year virgo should take care of their spouse’s health. Your relationship with mother or with any female will remain harmonious this year and she will keep encouraging and inspiring you this year; so you will feel complete and blessed with positive vibes.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Lord Ganesh and chanting the mantra “om gan ganpataye namah“, offering ladoo to Lord Ganesha and feed green vegetables or grass to cow is beneficial. Green stone or green thread is good to wear or use.


Lucky Color: White  Lucky Stone: White Coral  Lucky Day: Friday

This year planets will fill you with high spirits and joyful mood, Libra people will feel lots of luck and happy energy. You will be more social and will be active and will participate in social activities. Courage and willpower will be your strength but it is advisable don’t get into too much emotions. Jupiter retrogression will begin from March to July and this is a period when you might experience a bumpy career ride. Some old rival may also try to drag you down but your elders as father can be supportive. Saturn will also be moving retrograde during April to September this can also increase your mental pressure; it is advisable during this period that don’t make any life defining changes. After October you will feel new energy and you will go ahead and will be able to execute your business ideas successfully. Love life can also seems pleasant this year. 2018 horoscope for Libra is filled with mix possibilities.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Goddess Laxmi and recitation of Gayatri Mantra is beneficial. Donate/Offer any white sweet or white fruit. Any white stone and white color thread can be used.


Lucky Color: Red  Lucky Stone: Red Coral  Lucky Day: Tuesday

This year Scorpio will maintain a cheerful and carefree attitude, you will also feel good and emotionally powerful. It is advisable during the period from March to November to be careful with your speech and hastiness as Mars will be exalted position during this time. But it is also seen that it will sharpen your determination and energy level. This year you will also feel inner contentment and inner peace; connection with almighty and spirit through religious trip. During March to July when Jupiter will be moving backwards chances of foreign trip will be strong but in business matter you need to be more careful and attentive during Jupiter retrogression. Planet Saturn will also play a major role in your horoscope, it will make you more serious and justice loving, you will not allow yourself to stand with misconduct and unfair actions. At personal level caution is needed after August as some major issues can be raised, so it is advisable to handle your relationship matters with a calm approach. Scorpio 2018 horoscope is full of positive possibilities if you keep your anger in control.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Lord Hanuman and recitation of “Hanuman Chalisa” is beneficial. Donate Jaggery (Gur) and any Red fruit. Wear Red Agate or any Red thread is good.


Lucky Color: Yellow  Lucky Stone: Yellow sapphire / Citrine  Lucky Day: Thursday

This year you will feel more serious and mature, it indicates that you will be indulged in many social and community services too. When Saturn will retrograde this year from April to September you might lack in decision making ability. Due to confusing thoughts, it might be wise to postpone any major moves during this period. This year your career will see ample progress and profit graph will spiral upward and there will be plenty of growth opportunities. Expenses will be there but mostly on useful things. You may also get a chance to go abroad, new proposals and deals will improve your business but always remember there are no shortcut of success to achieve your goals, you have to make serious efforts. During April to September when Saturn retrogression will be there, you might face delay and difficulties at workplace matters. It is advisable not to take major decisions professionally if employed don’t plan to switch on or change in job. At personal level you may not feel very good there could some misunderstanding and disagreements. Avoid being angry with your life partner and be polite.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Lord Krishna and recitation of “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya”. Yellow Dal and Sweet Yellow Rice is good. Yellow Stone or Yellow thread and put Saffron tilak on forehead is good.


Lucky Color: Blue / Red  Lucky Stone: Lapiz  Lucky Day: Saturday

This year you will feel success and pleasure, your plans show a lot of acclaim and appreciation for your talent and hard work. This is your real time to take the spotlight. Since Jupiter is in favorable side, your finance will also be on stronger side this year. This year your career growth will be high. Since Jupiter retrogression is there during March to July there may be some ups and downs in your career growth try to keep patience and avoid confusions. At personal level your relationship may be bit cloudy and misunderstanding can be there with your partner. Don’t put blind faith either personally or professionally when it comes to documentations. After September Love matters can be in better condition, romance and passion can come into your life, but married couples should handle relationships in a cool way.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of God Hunman and God Shani and recitation of “Hunman Chalisa” is good. It is advisable to donate Black Blankets and Mustard Oil at God Shani temple on Saturdays. It is advisable Iron Ring (Challa) in middle and Lapiz stone.


Lucky Color: Blue / Black  Lucky Stone: Iolite Lucky Day: Saturday

This year you will feel highly motivated and full of strong will power, your tendency to take goals seriously will pay off, but always remember don’t only depend on luck too much. This year you will earn good money, your income will increase but you may also face some challenges. New connections and relations will increase, even foreign resources and abroad connectivity can boost up your profits but there may be some misunderstanding and confusion can rise. During March to July it is advisable to be more vigilant in financial matters. Saturn retrogression from April to September can create hurdles and confusions in your personal relationship, always remember whenever you feel stuck or confused turn towards your elders for advice this will help you.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of God Hunman and God Shani and recitation of “Hunman Chalisa” is good. It is advisable to donate Black Blankets and Mustard Oil at God Shani temple on Saturdays. It is advisable Iron Ring (Challa) in middle and Iolite stone.


Lucky Color: Yellow  Lucky Stone: Yellow Sapphire / Citrine  Lucky Day: Thursday

This year you feel highly connected with all mighty god, your healing abilities will take effect too; It indicates possibility towards higher spiritual inclination. Rising income trends and monetary success is also seen in your birth chart. But at personal level you may not feel very positive but after a certain time things will be streamlined and improved. Once Jupiter transits into Scorpio towards the end of the year there will be a lot of improvement in your career. It is advisable to move slow and steady throughout the year specially from April to September when Saturn will be moving backwards. Always try to keep working hard so the future events are in line with your efforts. Mars will boost your determination and energy this year. You just need to learn how to use both energy and mind together this will lead you towards your goal. Overall 2018 will fair as a favorable year for you.

Advice / Remedies: Praying of Lord Krishna and recitation of “Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay” mantra. Donate Yellow Dal and Sweet Yellow Rice. Yellow Stone or Yellow thread and put Saffron tilak on forehead is good.