Introduction: Vastushastra is a science for designing and  building where people live and work. Basically it’s a technique of corrective measure of energies coming in our premises it’s main part is to balance the equilibrium of  the five elements-[ earth,water,fire,wind and aether]. Vastu can be  used for every structure like house, temple,room,shop or any township. Vastushastra is very helpful to make everyone’s  life better and secured. It effects our  life directly and guide us in right direction of living.

The main aim and divine idea  behind  this  vastushastra is to get the positive energy to the maximum and retain it as long as possible. Sun light  and rays  are the main sources of energies and now a days its scientifically proven, accept this panchabuta are also important which control our mental , physical and emotional health. It is always advisable before going or making new house just check and remember few vastu tips and do accordingly.

Here we are giving  simple remedies which can be easily accessible without any negative side effects.


# Tip 15: Location of Water Tank,

It is advisable not to keep any pit or underground water tank in South. Because it is very harmful for finance. It should be placed in North direction at roof. Water tank can also be placed in South West direction. Water is the main element of Panchbhoota, it really affects the energy, so place it in a proper direction.


# Tip 14: Selection Of Plants For Home,

It is always good to keep your house green with many plants and flowers.

But we should be very careful while choosing plants for home. There should not be very high trees like Banyan, Pipal and Big Thorny Trees. Cactus plants are also not good for home.

Basil sunflower and the Xmas trees are very good for home.

Give Mother Earth back her power, lets go green starting this hour!


# Tip 13: Location of Plants & Paintings,

It is advisable to keep your house nicely decorated. Pictures, plants and beautiful showpieces are the main decorative articles. It is important that we should not put picture of any war scenes or people in anger in house.

Corners should be in bright colors. Place a picture of bright sunrise on Southern wall in living room.

Place a happy family picture in living room or bedroom.

Store room

# Tip 12: Location of Storeroom & Storage,

It is advisable to have store room or storage, in the South-West or adjacent to the master bedroom. Cash boxes, money and valuables should be kept in an almirah facing North.


# Tip 11: Location of Staircase,

It is advisable to have the staircase towards South or West. If not possible than it can be in South-East or South-West directions. Avoid building staircase in the North- East and North or East.

And most importantly it should be in clockwise direction.


# Tip 10: Location of Children’s Room, 

Children make a home happier. Hence we should really be very careful while deciding the location of Children’s room.

As per Vastu Shashtra it is preferable to have children’s room in the West or North. Their face should be towards Eastern side while studying. But while sleeping their face should point towards West or South it should never be in North.


# Tip 9: Color of Wall, 

Energy of colors affect us on every level  physical, emotional and spiritual. In our body there are seven energy  points called chakras. These represents seven different colors spectrum. Color ( Red,orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) are also used in Vastushastra according to directions and to give any premises decorative and beautiful look colors play a big role.

White (Creativity / Children): Good for west, northwest and north-facing houses as it reflects light well.

Green / Purple (Growth / Good Health / Wealth): Good for east and south-facing houses.

Blue / Purple (Career / Wealth / Opportunities): Good for north, east and southeast facing houses.

Yellow / Beige / Gold (Ochre) (Relationship / Stability) : Good for northeast, west, southwest and northwest facing house. Yellow is a color of wisdom and study.

Red / Pink (Social status, recognition, relationships): South, southwest and northeast facing houses get benefit from these colors.

Brown: Good for growth and longevity and excellent for east-facing houses and good for the south (fire) direction.

Taupe (Relationship, stability, grounding): This color is excellent for the northeast and southwest because these are ‘earth’ directions and taupe are earthy or stone-type colors. It also helps stabilize relationships and promote family harmony; particularly for the woman of the house.

Water fountain

# Tip 8: Location of Fountain, It is advisable to keep fountain, aquarium or any thing which is related with water should be placed in central north direction.

The soothing sound of fountain  can be helpful in good relationship.


# Tip 7: Location of Television Set,  Television set is required / placed in almost every living room for entertainment. Hence, It is advisable to place it in such a manner that viewer’s face should be in Northern or Eastern direction.

Television set should never be placed in South-East of the room. All other appliances can be placed in South-East direction.


# Tip 6: Doors and Windows, According to vastushastra it is advisable that the rooms in the Northern part of the house should be larger than the rooms in the Southern side. Most importantly main door should be larger than the inner doors and all the doors should open towards wall.

For posiive vibration windows should open towards Northern and Eastern side.


# Tip 5:  Location of Kitchen, For kitchen best place is south east corner of the house, if not possible than alternative is north west corner. But in both the cases the cooking platform should be in the East. It means that the person who is cooking should face towards East.

Try to keep cooking platform in red color.

And another important thing is never keep mops and brooms in kitchen, it affects health and pleasure of  females.


# Tip 4: Center of the House,  It is advisable to keep the center (aangan) of any property either it is house or professional place (office or any other premises) should be free from any loads like pillars, heavy furniture, beams and any kind of weights and water tank too.

This place is brhmasthan and it should be free, clean and specious.

Pooja Ghar

# Tip 3: Pooja Ghar Location, It is advisable to place / construct Pooja Room or Pooja Ghar either in the northeast corner or in the middle / center portion i.e. brhamsthan, in the house.

Idols and pictures of the God / Goddess should touch the wall on the East side in the prayer room facing West. For better concentration devotee should face towards East. Worship place should always be neat & clean.


# Tip 2: Pooja for New Home, Are you planning to move into a new home? Then, as per vastu tradition it is advisable that whenever you go first time in new house or office or any other new premises always  to do Ganesha Pooja, Navgrrahshanti and Pooja for Vastupurush.

This will remove negative effects of premises. After pooja you may start living and daily worship in the house as well as at the main entrance stops evil eye.


# Tip 1: Tulsi (Basil) plant is the most powerful and energy giving plant . This plant must in every home. it removes negativity and improve positive vibes it is also   helpful in many medicine. Now a days many other countries ( Arab & US), people practicing to keep Basil plant. Keeping basil plant at home removes major vastu dosha.